रवि किशन साथे आम्रपाली दूबे, राहत सामग्री के साथ

In the help of the people stranded in the flood, relief material for the victims of Bhojpuri cinema left the victims of Nirhua and Amrapali.

Dinesh Lal Yadav Nirhua and Amrapali Dubey visited the flood affected areas of Chhapra and its surroundings and distributed relief material on Monday through Patna.

But there is a lot of flood outbreak and with the help of more help in less time, Niruhua today offered relief material to Patna for many areas.

Seeing the condition of the flood victims, Nirhua and Amrapali are quite hurt and want to help more in less time. With this aim, the couple will be organizing a charity show in Mumbai on 16th September, in which the legendary part of the Bhojpuri cine industry The victims will be assisted by the loan and the amount deposited.

Dinesh Lal Yadav Nirhua said that in the Taraiya block of Chhapra, flooding of flood affected areas like Lava, Dhenukhi, I saw the sufferings of flood victims. I’m sad to see him. And we will try every possible effort to help our victims. My first step has increased and on the 16th of September, the amount collected by a charity show will be imposed in the victims. In such a difficult situation, I appeal to the people working in my industry that every person should do it as per their own interests.

Understand the religion and help come forward. God has probably made us perfect for this watch.

On the spot distributors Nishant Ujwal, PRO Sarvesh Kashyap, Shushant Ujwal and Sunil Kumar Gupta were among many people.

While appreciating the government’s cooperation, Amrapali Dubey says that the government is helping every possible situation in this situation but without the support of the common man it seems incomplete.

We came out as humanities and come forward with the help of victims in the situation and reach the needy people who can become ready till food stuff, essential things or our old clothes.

The condition of the flood affected area is still frightening, a strong appointment should be made to deal with it. For many days people are troubled day and night. Very soon we will come again among these victims and work their plans.